Our Book Group Report in August 2016

The group discussed a range of books when they met. Some were very well received.

Picture Books

Small Things by Mel Tregonning

An unusual graphic novel style picture book that ponders the problem of children dealing with their worries. With no text to guide the reader and sombre black and white illustrations one wonders about the intended audience.


Colours of Australia  by Bronwyn Bancoft

A beautifully illustrated book about the colours of the rainbow. Lyrical text


My Brother by Dee Huxley
Beautiful picture book about dealing with grief.


Mr Chicken arriva a Roma. By Leigh Hobbs


Younger Readers

The 65 – Storey Treehouse  by Andy Griffiths

Appealing for readers who enjoy visuals to add to the text. Notable Book 2016



Hubble Bubble: the Pesky Pirate Plank   by Tracey Corderoy

A humorous story about a grandmother witch who loves to “help” her granddaughter using magic. Mum and Dad are not impressed with Grandma’s antics. Reminiscent of that old TV show Bewitched!


Older Readers

The Bone Sparrow by Zana Fraillon

A beautifully written book about a young sensitive boy growing up in a detention centre in Australia. He befriends a young girl who lives outside the detention centre but in many ways is just as isolated from community.


A toaster on Mars  by Darrell Pitt
Set in 2509  funny story for boys


When Michael met Mina by Rana Abdel-Fattah
Afghanistan Muslim family move from their comfortable home to a suburb close to Mina's school where Mina has been awarded a scholarship.She is in the same class as Michael, whose father believes that migrants need to enter the right way, no queue jumping and obeying Australian ways and laws. The relationship between the two becomes strained when Mina finds out about the truth about Michael's father


One would think the deep by Claire Zorn
Surfing story about a young lad whose father and mother have died and he moves in with his grandmother and aunt.
He knows little about his father and when details are revealed, it is not a pretty story. Good writing about surfing


Adult novels
Mr Mac and me by Esther Freud
WW1 is about to break out and this book is set in Eastern England, very close to France. Effect of war on the community and a family that runs the local pub. People become suspicious of others, suspecting that they might be spies. Story told through the eyes of a young boy.

The Secret Chord by Geraldine Brooks
The story of King David. Very close to Bible account but not a lot of originality.


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